Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrating 80 Years of Changing Lives - 1931-2011

How has Berkeley College changed your life?

We'd like to hear from students, alumni, faculty members, associates, and business and community members. Add your personal story to the history of Berkeley College by posting your comments below.


  1. Berkeley College has been a staple in my life. I came to Berkeley as a student in 2005 because I wanted nothing more than to live in New York. As I began school, I formed friendship with the most amazing people from across the world. After completing my degree, I moved to continue my education and pursue my Master's in Philadelphia. Immediately upon completion, I moved directly back to New York because Berkeley made it feel like home to me. From the connections I made through Professors and my second family (the friends I made at Berkeley I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. As I moved back to New York, I worked at a digital marketing firm that left me unfulfilled. Out of all of the networking I had done and contacts I had made, my first stop in my job search was the Alumni Placement in Career Services. It was also my last stop. Upon hearing about an opening in the Career Services department, I knew it was where I was meant to be. So here I am, 5 (almost 6) years later back at Berkeley and I could not be happier.

  2. The year was 2004 and I had just relocated to New York. I was in town for 2 days and decided to visit a friend (a contact) who worked at Berkeley I had met a month prior during my pre-relocation visit. Upon visiting Berkeley College, a conversation began and I was asked if I needed a job. Five days later I started working at Berkeley College in SDCL.

    I am now on the teaching side and I still enjoy the BC Community. Berkeley College not only changed my life, Berkeley College saved my life and gave me my first leg up in NYC. Thank you BC!

  3. As a single parent to a toddler and working a full time job, going to school was not really something possible for me. How could I go to school, and work, and be a mom? It seemed almost impossible, until I found out about Berkeley College Online in 2008. It literally changed my life – for the better! Today, I am a year shy of graduating with my Bachelor’s degree, and extremely thankful and grateful that I was able to do this and still live my life. Berkeley College Online has changed my life in more ways than I will ever know. I have been given the opportunity to better myself, and in turn I am able to better my child’s life. For that alone, I am appreciative to Berkeley College.
    I also blog about my experiences at Berkeley College:

  4. How Berkeley College changed my life. Not only is it my alma mater (1983 Fashion student), but it has also been my extended family as an employee of the College for approximately 24 years. Berkeley has changed my life in so many ways. As a student, it made me fall in love with the fashion industry, through my classes, trips, internships and, of course the professors. Their expertise in the industry and in the classroom taught me information that I still, to this day, utilize and talk about to students visiting the college. I have gone through every step of the student experience - the programs, the internships, and working with the Career Services department. Career Services helped me find a job after graduating. That alone changed my life. Due to my strong connections with my professors after graduation, I came back to Berkeley as an employee. I began my career in the High School Admissions department and later took on positions in Career Services, High School and Community Outreach, Adult Admissions, and Online Admissions. I have come full circle, currently working back in the High School Admissions department as an Admissions Associate at the Woodland Park Campus. Being an employee has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. It gave me a chance to begin a new career. The growth of the College and its expanding horizons are always improving to capture the interest of incoming students. It is these changes that make my job so positive. I mostly enjoy meeting with students and speaking with them about their dreams and their futures. I want to be able to show them the fabulous opportunities Berkeley provides, just like the College showed me as a student. Every day, I get the chance to change a young person’s life.

  5. How Berkeley College has changed my life. Becoming a mom at a young age of 21 has made it challenging for me through out my years. I had so many obstacles in my way that I finally decided to continue my education and I had just finished accomplishing my long term goal of getting my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. I graduated with Cum Laude and thought it was the most wonderful experience ever. Berkeley prepared me to become a professional at any level. The teaching staff were very helpful and showed compassion for us evening students. Also, to those classmates that were very encouraging; I thank them for all their support. I want to inspire all new incoming students to believe in themselves and take the experience further in life.


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